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Is there a way to cancel an order before it is shipped? We often have customers that cancel their orders before we get a chance to ship it and because our orders are set to consolidate from DEAR to our accounting software, the only option we have to fix this is to push the order through and then credit it. It would be great if the following could happen: 

1. We use shopify which includes a 'cancel' button. Where a customer cancels an order prior to shipping, this cancel button cancels the order in shopify and refunds the customer. However, as this order was never shipped in DEAR, we need to manually push it through in DEAR and then credit it. It would be great if the 'cancel' button could actually 'credit' the order.

2. In general it would be good to at least be able to credit without needing an order to go through to the shipping stage. And for this to be possible within DEAR. The assumption that customers only request cancellations / credits after an item has been sent just doesn't always work and creates limiations for us.

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  • It's weird that we need to fake ship orders that don't have stock for example just to create a credit.

    It happens that customers do pay for orders but due to some inventory mismanagement we don't have the stock to complete it. 

    We should be able to refund/credit without manually adjusting the stock, "complete" the order and then credit. 

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2 people like this idea
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