Display or have tabs to quickly view quantity outstanding on SO or PO

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Currently to see what remains unfulfilled on a SO or PO it's a messy timely process. 

It would be great if the SO or PO screen showed (or had tabs to click between) to easily view, the original order qty, the invoiced qty and the balance qty not yet invoiced (perhaps also to show picked/picking or packed as well)

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  • Hi Yohan - that unfortunately doesn't even come close to addressing what I was looking for. 

    I need to see at a sku level on a sales order or purchase order what the original qty was, the picked/packed qty, invoiced/received qty, and balance qty. by SKU. 

    Dear currently shows you what the order was for, but to see what has been invoiced or received, picked/packed, etc you need to click into each fulfilment / stock receipt / invoice. It is so impractical for transparency of stock position for the sales order / purchase order. And nothing shows the balance not yet filled or received unless you create a new receipt or pick and select to process the remaining on the order.

  • I agree on this one +1 vote from me 

  • This would be an amazing feature.  

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7 people like this idea
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