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Hi, I was told to create a new support ticket, though I and others have asked for this before:- I  want to have one base price list ( say Tier1) which is my standard wholesale list for 95% of customers, and then have the other tiers based on a percentage of that tier. 

So T2= T1 plus 10% and T3 = T1-10% for example? it looks like you can almost do it in your current system but not quite. 

 As requested by someone else:- It would make sense to have the possibility to link price tiers together. And they could all be dependent from one to another or only have a master to guide the price up or down. If I say tier 1 is my official price list. I would love to link Tier 2, 3, 4, 5 to it

LEt me explain
T1 is 10 USD
T2 Is reseller and they all get 10% discount. I will tell T2=T1-10%
T3 Wholesellers get 25% of the T1 thus T3=T1-25% Etc.
This mean I will only have to change my prices once for all. In case of price increase I do my T1 and unique price and all tiers will automatically update. I should though have the choice to say T5= T7+15% for example...or whatever suits my needs. As long as they are connecting back to the main price I am fine and all works perfectly. That should not however have any affect to the custom prices"
  • and my addition to that request is as follows: I definitely want this feature. I have asked for it about 3 years ago, and there is some improvement with the new systems, but it doesn't quite work- but this is exactly what I want- a base brice list T1 (which is my fixed wholesale price list) , and all other tiers as a perctantage higher or lower than that! 
    It's a major stumbling block for me, and I cant see why it is so difficult- it is in quickbooks desktop as of 2003!!! 
    Come on DEAR! please ....

    Anyone else want this?

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  • Yes please - This is a great idea.  Thanks Amanda.

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  • hopefully lots of other people will ask for this!

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