Bulk Receipt Products Across Multiple PO's

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We regularly receive goods from our suppliers across multiple PO's. It's really messy having to receipt the goods specifically within the individual PO's, would it be possible to have a stock receipt option where you could select which PO's you want to receipt stock from and which items from each PO you wish to receipt on that stock receipt (easily referencing a shipment reference or similar?)

Alternatively set up a way to add orders (products from specific orders) to a "shipment" so that you can handle that "shipment" through the system as one shipment (whether it's a container, or airfreight or a DHL courier shipment) so then you can receipt the entire shipment as one receipt clearly linked to that specific container (covering all suppliers/POs/products in the container)

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  • refer Ticket #158561

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2 people like this idea
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