A setting that will cause customer notes to be added to the delivery

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Add a setting that will add customer notes to be added to the delivery. To auto populate the delivery instructions that the customer inputs on the sales page on the delivery sticker. Basically, the delivery instructions of the Shipping label to be auto-populated with the order notes coming from WooCommerce.

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  • Hi Amanda. 

    I couldn't agree more and I have recently added this as a "feature request" even though this used to work perfectly before DEAR added the "shipping notes" field. Once they did this it doesn't work and now we are manually copying the customer notes in Woo across to the shipping notes in DEAR. 

    DEAR broke something that was working fine and now say it's not possible to fix it!


  • I'm surprised this hasn't been liked / commented on by more Woocommerce users? I'd love to know how other Woocommerce users are handling this issue. Is there a forum facility with DEAR where I could ask other Woocommerce users how they work around this?

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1 person likes this idea
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