Improvement for POS Serial Number handling

started a topic over 3 years ago

Not long ago the POS gained the ability to fulfil an order at the POS, rather than having to use the DEAR backend (Thank you! Great improvement!)

However this goes wrong when an order involves a SN.

While the new POS fulfilment feature does ask for the SN again at time of fulfilment, the pros receipt will not print the fulfilment SN.

My suggestion: When an order for a SN-enabled item is placed at the POS (so not a cash-and-carry sale), turn off the compulsory SN requirement until fulfilment stage. (Currently forced to put a place-holder "TBA" in the SN field at order stage, as SN not available until the ordered item comes in, but POS receipt will always print that what was entered at order stage, not the actual SN entered at fulfilment stage)

Alternatively, make the POS receipt always include the most recent entry for the SN, not only the first (for good audit-trail purposes maybe print both, like "TBA > 123456" or something like that) 

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