Forecasting: unify Reorder and Reorder Backorder

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There are a number of highly insightful requests for improved backorder functionality. Dear is investing in the Inventory Velocity module, which is great but works under only limited circumstances. I have not one business that could rely on this for its reordering. 

So every client I have uses the one or both of the legacy reordering methods. 

Here is one change, not so significant, that would make people much happier. I have thought about recommending the most minimal change I can. 

The Reorder Report should have one change.

A binary option "Include Backorders". 

If this is selected, it will 

a) include SKUs which have a negative available quantity, regardless of whether a reorder quantity issued

b) the the reorder quantity to -1 * available quantity if this is higher than the reorder quantity

This can currently be achieved like this

  • Per Supplier

  1. Run the Reorder report, create POs with the recommended quantities, authorise POs.
  2. Run the Rorder backorder report, create POs and authorise them
  3. Merge the POs.

There is no value at all in so much extra work. 

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  • Absolutely agree this is a much needed change. 

    From a business running perspective, we want to easily and quickly generate one single purchase order that will

    a) fill existing backorders AND

    b) get all our stock levels for those and other items from that supplier back to the stocked quantity.

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  •  Can we get an update on when this might be implemented?  This really is quite basic and obvious functionality for an inventory system.

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  • This functionality was requested in this topic as well:

    Please consider this, DEAR.

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