Void orders without erasing all details

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Currently, voiding orders erases a lot of information that could be useful in the future. It would be much better if voided orders kept all the details but greyed them out instead of just wiping it away from the quote/order/pick etc section and only leaving the history in the logs and attributes which doesn't provide much detail. Especially when you don't happen to have printed any documents from the order manually.

As previous feature requests have mentioned, the implementation of a 'reject' button would also help for orders that are declined by the client. 

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  • I very much agree with this feature request.  It is a huge bummer to lose all of the data in a voided sale or purchase or anything else you do in DEAR.  I am glad you have proposed this Julianne!

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  • Please adjust orders so that they are locked and greyed out when voided, rather than erased completely. I know that the documents will stay as part of the order, but we've lost valuable historical data if invoices or order quotes haven't been downloaded/printed/emailed to the customer. 

  • It will be very helpful to see the details of the voided SO

  • This is a great idea

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6 people like this idea
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