POS Reporting- Sales Number, Amount & Payment type

started a topic about 4 years ago

It is so unusual that there is no report that lists the sales number, amount & Payment type (cash, EFTPOS etc). This makes reconciling at the end of the day so much more difficult. Please consider this asap.

  • Totally agree, the accounting reconciliation functionality on Dear is very limited, it appears as though the accounting section really hasn't been investigated fully but a light front end applied.

  • Hello!

    Please check the payment type summary report in the POS. This gives you the Sales Number, Amount & Payment type.

  • Hey Yohan,

    This summary report is great, and on screen you can click a particular payment type to get the list of payments - however there's one key improvement which I'd love to see on this report. The export option from the Report screen just shows the summary totals, so trying to diagnose and find any missed payments can be really tough without a way to drop the lists to Excel.

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