B2B Portal - Allow restriction of products by customer

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Please allow the ability to restrict products either by brand, category, or product attribute. Not all customers have access to the same brands.

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  • Yep we definitely need it!

    At the moment we are working around it by having 5 different B2B portals, each with a different configuration of brands & products... very clunky to say the least..

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  • Agreed! We have multiple brands, and do not feel like this should force into using multiple B2Bs to manage customer access to the correct brand. 

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  • I definitely support this request. It's unfortunate that we have to create multiple B2Bs to cater the needs of our customers.

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  • Again, we have requested this too. Apart from brands, we have products that are only available to specific customers.

    And we also produce products specifically for some customers, so we don't even want them to appear in the portal other than for them.

    Is this not relatively easy to implement DEAR? Woud love to know.

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