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Hi all

We are looking at moving a third company in the group onto Dear but have hit a real stumbling block. We use the BOM function to make up a 'package' of 3 different products. For warehouse scanning the system will only look at the BOM complete barcode, where as we need to scan 3 different items. Has anyone had a similar issue and found a solution? We have had some developers offer solutions but would be great if something already exists.


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  • Hi Helen

    Do you use DEAR WMS app for picking or you just print pick list ? We have special pick list template (Expanded Pick List - BOM ) that contains all components included in BOM, you potentially can utilize it. In  DEAR WMS app  we don't that option at the moment



    DEAR Team 

  • Hi thanks for the reply. This query relates to a company we are migrating to Dear rather than the one currently subscribed. We want to be able to use barcode scanning, so the printing of a pick list is a backward step. 

  • We've requested this same functionality recently, the printing of an expanded bom pick list doesn't allow you to individually scan the items that make up the bundled product, it just allows the warehouse to see the individual items to be picked.. this doesn't resolve this issue of wanting to scan the individual items in the bundle

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