Internal Stock transfer not changing FIFO order

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I would like to suggest a change which is really negatively affecting our usability of Dear Systems.  All of our products are on a FIFO system, we have bulk storage locations in our warehouse and picking lanes.  When the picking lane is empty, we do a stock transfer from the bulk location to the picking lane.  All of our products are batched, so we always need to pick the correct batch.

When a transfer is done internally (within the same warehouse), the product transferred goes to the back of the FIFO system (as the system treats it like a new product) which means we cannot auto allocate stock when picking, as the stock now in our picking lane is thought by the system to be newer than the stock in the bulk location.

I understand if stock has come from a different warehouse, but within the same warehouse, this seems flawed to me.

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  • We, too, are having an issue with this. Not only is the issue with internal stock movements, but also when creating inventory using the zero-stock adjustment option.

    An example is: After an inventory audit, we've found product with a batch number that shows as out of stock, however, we have some on hand and available. When creating the inventory in DEAR using the zero-stock adjustment function, the batch number and expiration date are older than the current inventory. Assuming a FIFO method, these products should then be the first to be allocated to incoming orders. However, they are not and in fact, are the last to be allocated because DEAR's FIFO method is based on the date the product was entered into the system, not based on batch/expiration dates entered.

    This results in the risk of sending out old/expired (food) product as a result of improper FIFO function.

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  • We also have an issue with this, and are doing weird workarounds to address this challenge as it arises, but it seems like there should be a different way... 

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