Sales Orders paid using Gift Cards on Magento 2.0 / Amasty needs to correctly apply the transactions to gift card liability account

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Currently, when a Sales Order from Magento 2.0 has a gift card payment portion, DEAR creates the transaction with a 'Manual Fee' negative entry.  This means that the payment is not being posted correctly to the correct Account.  Instead of posting it to the Gift Card Liability account defined in the Magento configuration, it is posting it to a Sales Account.

DEAR needs to be able to identify these payments as Gift Card payments and correctly post the transaction to the defined Gift Card Liability account in the Magento integration settings.

Note that the client is using Amasty Gift Card Add on.

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  • I have attached a sample magento query from DEAR of a sales order what was paid using a gift card.   The following lines denote payment portion using a gift card 

                [amgiftcard_code] => GC_HR692

                [amgiftcard_gift_amount] => 50

                [amgiftcard_base_gift_amount] => 50

    When DEAR processes this, it comes across as 'Manual Fee' with a negative amount and posted to the default sales account.   DEAR should really post this to the configured Gift Card liability account

  • This is happening on WooCommerce as well.

  • We have the same problem with Amasty/Magento 2. Has anyone found a solution?

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2 people like this idea
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