Shopify Refunds from pre-Integration

When we have a new client in DEAR I've noticed a bit of a logic issue in the Integration when there are Exchanges or Refunds. 

If Shopify takes a refund then it sends through the whole original order to DEAR despite the fact that this is from before DEAR was set up and went live. I get that for future credit notes DEAR will reference the original order, but if it's not in there it gets created. 

Can we improve this? As an example, we have had a client today who had a customer do a refund, which sent another order to DEAR and then StarShipIT so their warehouse fulfilled it again. 

I was thinking, if a refund is placed in Shopify but order is not in DEAR, DEAR should create a stand alone credit note instead of a regular order and process a stock adjustment if the item refunded needs to be restocked

Worst worst case for an immediate fix, we need the sale to be STOPPED from coming into DEAR as this is causing chaos.

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