Qty Price Breaks for Purchases

Ability to enter Qty based price breaks for each supplier. 

When wholesalers buy stock for resale, they would have different price breaks from suppliers. 

At the moment, you can enter only one price per supplier per product. If the prices vary, you cant record them in the system. 

Ideally, if you could extend the Discounts & Deals to Purchases, it would be great. 


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  • Yes this is definitely needed.. 

    There is a reorder qty for SKUs, but this can work independently to Qty Price breaks, and likewise Pack sizes can be independent again.. although they can & may work together in some instances.

    Qty Price Breaks should also for Sales as well as Purchases.

    There's a related Feature request here, which is in planned status... : http://support.dearsystems.com/support/discussions/topics/11000022747

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  • Yes please, this feature would be great to have. 

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