Woocommerce Integration - Critical elements missing

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We have recently used the Woocommerce integration in Dear for various eCommerce projects we are rolling out in our business.

However we have come across two fundamental omissions in the integration between the two systems, Dear please can you urgently resolve the following:

1) When an order is refunded from Woocommerce, Dear automatically creates the credit note - however the system overlooks the products and creates a stand alone refund line. This refund line does not pull through any taxation. For example the sales went through at 20% Vat but the credit has come through at 0% Tax - which obviously causes us an accounting issue. 

To date I have been advised that we would have to manually amend all credit notes/transactions - which is less than ideal.

2) When creating the refund as above - the system completes the restock step, however does not restock any goods. Again this is an issue as clearly if we are refunding a customer it is highly probable we have had the products returned and they need to go back into stock.

I consider the above basic requirements of the integration, and given the fact we have picked this up whilst walking through the process, prior to going live - I am surprised this topic has not been raised before.

I hope to see this on the development map soon.

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  • Step 2 has now been resolved, with the assistance of Woocommerce :-)

    However the issue of taxes pulling through for a refund is partly resolved - for physical products it works fine, however for shipping it pulls through at 0% tax.

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2 people like this idea
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