Add SKU-level mapping of Xero tracking categories in COGS journals, to make it the same as Invoices.

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Currently there is an inconsistency when attributes at SKU level are mapped to a Xero tracking category.

They work for the revenue booking (the invoice) but not for the COGS booking. So effectively you lose gross margin insight in Xero if you try to use a tracking category mapped to a product category or brand. Your revenue goes into the tracking category, but none of your COGS. 

Fixing this means the COGS journal would need more lines, to split the COGS over the different tracking categories in the shipment. But it would be a very powerful feature. Or from another point of view, it would fix the inconsistency, would in my opinion is broken functionality.

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  • this already exists. You have to enable custom categories. It can be done at a PO level.

  • Hi Kurt, you may have missed my point ... Brand works for revenue postings at the invoice-line an invoice can be split across multiple tracking category values, per SKU, exactly as I expect. But only header mappings are available for COGS bookings. So the shipment of that invoice not only fails to follow the SKU-level mapping of its invoice , it's not even possible to do it. Unless every line is shipped in its own fulfilment. So it seems that I am either happy with completely nonesensical margins in Xero or I can't map SKU-level attributes to tracking categories. Or am I doing something wrong? It's a disappointing weakness. Dear is normally so strong in the accounting integration, I almost can't believe this. I have my Dear to Zoho Analytics connector so I have vastly superior margin analysis anyway, but I still hope Dear fixes it.
  • Yes,

    What's happening with this DEAR?  Any traction? Complete waste of our time setting up categories if it's not going to track the COGS in the same way as the Revenue on a SKU level.

    Please fix!

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