Smart Auto Assembly Functionality

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Currently, if auto assembly is enabled for component within component; meaning that if FG1 uses C1 and C1 is made out of C2 and C2 is made of C3 and all of this is auto-assembled, the system will use C3 instead of using C1 or C2 if these have any stock available first.

The only way to prevent this is to disable auto-assembly on C1 and C2 and manually change the component in the Assembly if these run out of stock. This creates issues when auto-assembly is required and C1, C2 and C3 are not technically merely 'sub-assemblies' but products in their own nature.

Additionally, this would also apply to a manual assembly if stock is not available for C1 but there is stock of C2 maybe Dear could advise that components can be used from the other SKU instead of the one in the BOM instead of manually checking if there is stock and processing these prior to producing the original assembly.

Being able to determine not simply out of the auto-assembly rule but also by looking at the BOM's and intuitively proposing alternatives to production (if any).

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  • The functional logic as described in this request is ABSOLUTELY correct.  Consideration of sub-assembly NEED should always be drive based on Sub-assembly highest level assembly availability.  Auto-assembly MUST consider availability of sub-assemblies BEFORE requiring and affecting the need to create each sub-assembly.

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2 people like this idea
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