Better system for a full stock take of all items (regardless of stock level)

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In our business, when a department does a stock take, it's important to count ALL of the items that are listed in the system under that category - regardless of their current stock count in the system.

The stocktake module in Dear works well if you want to count all of the items in a chosen category that have a positive value (non-zero stock on hand), but isn't the point of doing a stock take to also take into account the products that the system shows as zero? If you're trying to also count the items that the system identifies as zero stock on hand, you're in for a bit of a runaround.

The zero SOH section doesn't generate a list of what to count like the non-zero SOH section does, so you have to find that list yourself and (once counted) import the data that Dear requires (the challenge here being unit cost)

You'd think that somewhere in the system you could easily find one report that has all of the following:

  1. A full list of all the products
  2. Category field
  3. Quantity on hand
  4. Unit cost (or average cost)

If you could export such a report, you could use that to count stock, then split it into zero and non-zero products and import to each section. Unfortunately, I have yet to find a single report that achieves this. Copying unit cost data and pasting into another spreadsheet before uploading a CSV into the system is asking for trouble, as users could easily do this incorrectly and import the wrong information.


  1. First prize - Allow users to do stock takes for particular categories that pulls all the products in the system, irrespective of quantity on hand
  2. Improve the zero SOH section to automatically pull the items that are in the chosen category having a quantity of zero (like the non-zero SOH section works), and bringing in the average costs as well, if they exist in the system. 
  3. Improve the "export all products" report for the zero SOH section so that it is filtered by the same categories as the non-zero SOH section (or has a category field) and shows unit costs. Currently, if the SOH in this report is 0 then the cost will not show, and the unit cost is the data we need after all
  4. At the very least, offer a report that we can use to get a full list of products, their category, their QTY and their unit cost (or average cost)

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  • I agree with Wesley on the need for this functionality. 

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  • I strongly agree with Wesley's idea. This system needs to be updated to make stock takes a much more efficient system

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  • Really hope this gets priority in an upcoming release. We really REALLY need to be able to account for 0 stock on hand units when doing a stocktake. Otherwise stocktake function isn’t very useful.

    Big vote from me.

  • YES! Please include this functionality!

  • This is a very important feature! and seems to be something that would be easily implemented. 

    Gone are the days of one or two full warehouse/business stocktakes per year. Most businesses are doing a scheduleed maintenance type stocktake on different categories every week. These stocktakes are smaller and quicker to do, they take up less time and help maintain your inventory so you are not constantly chasing your tale. They are also helpful if stock for some reason has left the warehouse but has not been disptached or invoiced (this is not often but can happen) Its much eaiser to pick up mistakes like this when you are frequently couting stock. Plus you have the added bonus on a reliable system when discussing orders wiht customers etc. 

    We need to have ZERO SOH products listed when printing a stocktake so that our staff can rely on teh list in front of them and not need the added pressue of checking if all itmes are listed in the category.

    Please implement this feature ASAP DEAR.

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11 people like this idea
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