Undo'ing of a Sales Order


There is a need to segregate the permission for users to be able to Undo the Authorization of a Sales Order and completely Undo'ing a Sales order.

Undo'ing the authorization of a Sales Order will allow changes to the order - ie if a customer changes their mind after placing an order and then this should not be possible if the next stage is not undone first. ie once picking is authorized then not possible to undo the sales order unless picking is undone

Undo'ing the full Sales order at header level after it has been picked,packed, shipped, invoiced and payment allocated to it, is risky as this could lead to stock discrepancies, payment discrepancy and invoice discrepancies


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  • Hi

    Could you please provide step by step workflow of how 'Undo the Authorization' option should work. Please keep in mind that authorized order allocates stock and stock becomes available when authorization undone hence picking is also undone to keep sales order and pick/invoice in sync.   

    Please advise


    DEAR Team

  • Hi,

    I fully agree, let the undo button be at the point of the "Order" tab or even under the "Picking" Tab,

    When it is at the top it can possibly undo shipping, payment allocation, credit notes, which can cause discrepancies

    Take it off the top level in my view


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