Free Shipping for DEAR Inventory

Hi Guys, 

Can you extend the free shipping feature to DEAR inventory. 

I've been told that the feature is active only for B2B and not available for sales orders. 

Can you please make this available for sales orders generated using inventory as well. 


  • Hi Minal,

    We are in the process of incorporating this feature to our product. Therefore we would like to get some additional information regarding this feature as to how you want this feature to be applicable in our product. i.e how free shipping discount type is expected to work in sales created in DEAR directly. 

    Do you use external shipping services integrated with DEAR? If so what should be the expected behavior if a product is marked as free shipping? Also when there are multiple shipping zones, what would be the expected behavior? 

    Appreciate if you could let us know more details on this. 


    DEAR Team

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  • Hi, 

    Apologies for jumping in on this request, but I would like this feature also so I figured that I would provide use case for myself:

    I would like to import orders via API and ecommerce channels, specifying "free shipping" as the shipping name, and $0 passed through via these channels (I assume). The order would then use starshipit to fulfilful and manifest. within starshipit, we would expect to see the carriers prices, but not pass them back to DEAR. 

    Some customer may be charged shipping costs, aka "wholesale", these orders would come from alternative channels and may even have standard costs and would have a different name for the shipping, IE: "standard"/"Express". That charge would be uncharged to the final invoice with some multiple.

    Currently, I planned to just set price values for shipping, iE: orders below $100 to Western Australia = $10, $250 = $20, etc

    I hope this helps, 



  • Hi Heshan, Really sorry for the delay on my part. 

    I wanted to use the "DEALS"  Free Shipment option and select customers that attract Free shipment. 

    In the interim I have introduced a work around making the shipping charge "$0" for the clients. 

    However, would ideally want to add the charge automatically, on to the sales order where we have specified free shipment. So the sales staff would have to manually add when the customer is not receiving free shipping. 

    If you have any issues please email me. 


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