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Can you add an option to show margins on POS screens. 

May be not for cashier but for Managers and Administrators. 

One of our customers provide best price guarantee. When they drop a price for best price guarantee, they make the call on sale margin depending on the sale size and the customers history. 

 However, without seeing the margins you cant make a decision when the customer is right in front of you. 

Can you please add this feature to POS.

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  • Hi Support, 

    Any luck with this Feature? 


  • Agreed. This is often requested. Price matching is very common in stores and clients want staff to see cost/margin to allow negotiation on the spot or apply a 'Discounting limt' either by % or dollar value. This would be set at POS level or user permission settings

  • I actually have another opinion is I don’t want the cost to be so transparent even to Manager. I’d like our shop staff to manage the inventory level and stock replenishment (this can only be done in Manager role but not Cashier). However the Manager can check the cost of everything, which is too much honestly. I believe this can be solved by allowing individual setting for each role on what info can be assessed - which part of dashboard, accessibility on the cost, order undo/ void, lowest margin etc.

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4 people like this idea
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