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One of my clients uses Supplier SKUs on many of their products and are finding it difficult to search those products in All Products or Product Availability screen unless they know their own code or name for the product.

In the PO, you are able to type a supplier SKU into a line and have it find the product you're referring to, but this functionality needs to work across All Products screen, Availability screen, and basically any Product lookup. 

This would reduce the chance that a user thinks that a product hasn't been created for that item in DEAR, and it would also reduce time to search.

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  • Yes! This would be great to have as it will make it easier to search for an item when your item SKU is different from your suppliers SKU which is most common,

    Maybe have the ability to search by the following,

    - All

    - SKU

    - Description

    - Suppler SKU

    At the moment the search is too general and can be hard to find an item if there are many other items with similar SKU's or names.

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  • This would be great if they can make it happen/implement it. 

    The lack of this functionality is the main reason one of my clients who needs a new software package won't consider DEAR. They use supplier SKU's in house more than their own SKU's but only promote their SKU outwards, not the suppliers to protect their data.

  • Couldn't agree more with this request.



  • Hi there

    Has there been any update on this requirement.

    You can actually not search for a supplier sku in a Purchase order at all. 

    So nowhere in Dear can this be searched.

    Please advise


  • Hi, we're also keen to have this functionality. As an interim solution, we have added the supplier's SKU also as an additional attribute on the product. This means it is searchable on some of the DEAR screens but not all.

    Can the search functionality on the following screens be expanded to either search 1) Additional Attributes or 2) Supplier's SKU:

    - DEAR POS

    - DEAR Order Line Items

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7 people like this idea
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