Allow zero quantity to be imported into Stocktake

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At the moment, the export/reimport of a stock count into the Non-Zero SOH section does not allow you to import a "0" quantity where the item has existing stock quantity greater than zero per the system. DEAR gives an error. We then need to remove all items that were counted as "0" from the import csv and reimport it.

DEAR should allow an import of 0 into this section to save time.

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  • I have bumped into this case many times with clients.  I am a bit torn as to whether the error for zero quantities is a good thing or not.  The worst case is when new users do not understand why they are getting this error.  They did a stock count.  The count was zero for some items, so that is what is in their spreadsheet.  They try to upload the CSV.  They get the error.  Their question to me: Why is DEAR giving me an error?  What's wrong?  Answer: You need to remove the zero counts rows because you are loading this CSV file into the Non-Zero SOH section.

  • Exactly the situation I ran into Stan. I understand the point that it could be a good or bad thing (mainly depending on user competency), and I am a little torn myself. Could be implemented as a global setting option to allow or not.

  • The global setting is an interesting idea.  There could also be a checkbox on the import to allow it. 


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