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Dear Systems,

Please see below items mentioned by a user. Would be good to add them to the system.

  • Report - Landed Cost without having to adjust date range. In the PO reports you need to adjust the time frame to include any Landed Cost invoices generated for each PO so that it shows it with the overall cost of purchase. i.e. if  they bought something on 15/3 and Freight invoice arrives on 15/4 and the time frame in the report is set for March it will not include the cost of the freight. It would be a good idea to have the information tied to the PO, not the time frame, at least in these reports of purchase cost.
  • Accounting view - add filter for overdue invoices. In the Sales View All screen in the Accounting View there is no subfilter for Overdue invoices as there is in the All Purchases screen. Can this be added? Can prove useful for users to be able to see this and hence email customers instead of having to manually click all overdue (which are shown in red).
  • Reports - add date parameter to header when exporting. When you export a report out it does not show the time frame it represents. Can this be added somehow or would it have to be changed across the board for all reports?


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  • Would like to suggest if there's a way a specific user to be notified for a certain action. 

  • Hi Charlene,

    That can already be done via the 'Automation' feature. You can locate this in the Settings module and find articles about this in our knowledge base.


  • Appreciate if guys can provide report for Stock Turn (forecasting), Monthly Report By Stock Movement By Brand/Supplier By Period. Attached screenshot as sample.

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  • It would be a huge benefit to me to have an option to include attachments in the stock adjustment/new stocktake process. 

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  • would be great if when creating an order for a customer that if there is an unfulfilled order already in the system for that customer that we are notified so we can either merge the orders or add to the existing order. 

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  • I agree with Ollie, we would love to be able to merge 2 orders!! We would also like to be notified of any backorders when we start a new order for a


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  • Also the option to put an order 'ON HOLD' so it stands out clearly in status column

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  • Hi All,

    We are happy to announce that the report modifications has now been developed and available in Production.

    Please find the release note here as to what was developed in terms of the report modifications requested:

    Best Regards,

    Heshan - DEAR Systems

  • Would be beneficial to have the ability to record multiple barcodes per product SKU.  We purchase the same product from multiple suppliers and each has their unique barcode.  With only 1 barcode option it is an administrative nightmare maintaining the stock.  It would set up similar to the tab field

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  • I would like to be able to 

    1. Hide the 'Required by Date' field
    2. Change the In Stock and Out of Stock text
    3. Add custom CSS
    4. Add custom Javscript

  • Is it possible to include in the Allocated Details view (within Product Availability) the ability to see the Notes from the Assembly/Production orders, alternatively the ability to select which colums can be displayed by checking them (similar to the sales views)


  • When Importing Sale Tasks, it would be ideal if a Quote could be auto-generated, matching the order. The quote could be skipped if the default setting is to skip quotes, or the quotes could be auto-generated if the default setting is to not skip quotes. Quotes are massively helpful for EDI setups, and having to manually create each quote is incredibly time-consuming.

  • On B2B portal, it would be more logical to have a drop ship with multiple variable.

    In these days not all the supplier have stock all the time.

    It might be more intuitive for customers to read "Indent item" and with how many days it may takes to get the goods.

    Having always "Stock" available and based on T&C we should dispatch in the same day. 

    Often this doesn't happen when the drop ship mode is on.

    Will be more helpful to have an option of "indent item" same as Drop ship.

    The "indent" item should give the option to show how many days to get the goods.

    Will be great to have an option to show when the next delivery is due.

    This avoid many phone calls to customer services !

  • Need to fix the way DEAR filters the search function on a product when entering into the PRODUCTS section in a SALE, PURCHASE or anywhere you look up products.

    See image below.  We have a SKU that is KY, as the search looks for ALL KY in the SKU, Product name, the SKU that is just “KY” is down the list. I want to be able to tell DEAR to filter in a particular sequence – SKU first. And then product name for Products.

    Users, should be able to set how they want the database to search.  For fast data entry, SKU is the quickest.  I always thought there was a universal convention of how databases are set up and one of them was about how to set search function.  I might be wrong on this.

    I think it should be something that can be turned on/off at the Company level.  If you can do it in the background I would settle for that but I think it should be a decision that Owners/Users can make depending on how they use the SKU, Product name etc. Every business is different

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