Support for tracking the process of requested and receiving of returns

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The ability to support returns and exchanges has been greatly enhanced with the ability to do multiple Credit Notes in an Advanced Sale, the standalone Sale Credit Note, and the more in-depth customer credit tracking.  One thing that is missing is the ability to keep track of when a customer has requested a return and when the product has been physically returned by a customer and received by the business.  When the customer has contacted you (the business that uses DEAR), where does that get noted?

I have tried creating a draft Credit Note, but there is not really a good way to do a draft credit note, at least one that has a CR number assigned to it.  And once you authorize a Credit Note, there does not appear to be a way to Undo it to modify it based on the actual product that is returned.  The only option is to Void the Credit Note which is not a very good solution.

Based on the current feature set in DEAR, I see two ways to better support returns.  One would be to allow for the saving of draft Credit Notes.  Another way would be to allow an Undo for Credit Notes so that it could be modified upon the physical receiving of the items for a return.  

A more robust feature set for returns would separate the receiving of the items from the initial authorization of a credit note, something like the Purchasing workflow.  As a part of a more robust returns feature set implementation, it would be great to allow for a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) numbers/identifiers.

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  • I need this as well too please.

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  • Tracking the process is indeed a very important task, so I'm glad there is indeed support for it. I think even the dissertation writing services that are there these days should be tracked. But hey, that's just my opinion.

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