B2B Portal: Setting for the "Pick, Pack and Ship processing mode"

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Please add to the B2B portal a setting for the "Pick, Pack and Ship processing mode" of "Auto Pick", "Auto Pick+Pack", and "Auto Pick+Pack+Ship".  All/most of the other eCommerce integrations have this setting.

Alternatively, have the General Settings options for Pick, Pack, and Ship of the Sales Process Customisation apply to sales orders coming from the B2B portals.


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  • I'd really like to see this feature added.

    In fact, for the past 6 months this feature WAS working for us. Any orders we'd receive through the B2B Portal were automatically picked, packed, and pushed to Ship Station if we had everything in stock.

    According to DEAR Support, they don't know why it was working for us - but now it isn't and we would really appreciate not having to change our processes due to a "bug".

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2 people like this idea
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