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I will really need the ability to send invoices to the customer for partial amounts for things like deposit, additional payments, and final payments. I know that payments can be recorded, but I need the ability to process them right in Dear using Stripe or PayPal. What would also be amazing is if it worked with the card on file feature that Stripe has. It is too easy to make mistakes processing these through a different system then having to keep up with recording them in Dear. We need to use Dear to keep up with the accurate balance so I need it more streamlines where it's less likely to make mistakes. It could be as simple as being able to type in a payment due amount on the invoice then when saved it creates an additional invoice for the remaining balance and you can just keep going in and entering that for each payment. Then since the invoice has the payment due amount on it the Stripe integration charge based on the payment due field. the default payment due would always be the full balance but we just have the ability to edit it for payment amount. I really really really need this feature to be a part of Dear. At least 1/3 of our business is orders with payments and it's growing a lot every year.

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  • No one here processes deposits or payments for orders and would find it great to be able to do it inside of Dear vs some external system?? We do a high percentage of online layaway, preorder, and special order. These all take deposits, random payments, and final payments. I'd love to be able to do these inside of Dear.

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  • Just to clarify, the system can already split a invoice into multiple invoices by selling specific items which are moved to a invoice and left over items to a new invoice to use at a later time. I'd like to just be able to keep all the items on the invoice but there be a "payment due" field that defaults to the full balance but it editable to a specific payment amount. Then the left over balance go to another invoice for later use just like normal. Then Stripe/PayPal can be used by the customer to pay the payment due amount. Please if you think you'd ever need this or would like the added ability please vote. We are up to around 200 partial pay orders a month and it's too much to keep up with. Thanks! Stephen

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  • Nearly all of our customers pay a deposit to place their order and the balance before delivery.  We must be able to accept payments in this way.  The integration of Stripe is not worth having if it cannot allow for part-payment of an invoice as I can use it only for the balance payment, not the deposit or any progressive payments.

    PLEASE allow for part-payments with Stripe!

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  • Yes please, we need this feature.

    With partial payments , they aren't necessarily related to partial supply of goods -more like a layby/prepayment/deposit on order.

    So should be able to raise an invoice for a deposit against an SO#, without the charge amount having to relate to products on the invoice.. if that makes sense. 

    I.e so INV-...... with a 30% deposit on SO-......

  • Hi All,

    We are happy to announce that this feature has now been developed and available in Production.

    The ability to make partial payments in invoices for items like deposit, additional payments, and final payments via Stripe and Paypal payments is now enabled via DEAR.

    Best Regards,

    Heshan - DEAR Systems

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