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I know there is a report in the Report Module called "Sales Backorder Summary Report" ( that list all Backorders, but it would be great if there was a more interactive way to manage Backorders, such as viewing a list of all backordered sales like the Sale > View All module.  This would allow direct clicking through on the orders.

The only way I have come up with is to sort Sales Orders by Status and then go to the Backordered sales in the list. Unfortunately, entering "Backordered" in the search box does not return the Backordered sales. It would be good if it did.

Another way, and a more obvious one for users to find, would be to add "Backordered" to the filter dropdown list would be good.  See screenshot.




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  • Yes, this would be a handy feature!

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  • I have a post no one voted for but it's very similar to what your asking for. I'd like the ability to apply tags to orders and then those tags be in the filter. This way we can sort the list by backorder, layaway, presale, or whatever anyone else wants to keep up with. With tags it can be anything and then all the tags automatically show in the filter. Also so tags can be automatic such as for a backorder the system can apply the tag itself. Here is my post.

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  • I'd find this really useful.

    Further - it would be great to see at a glance what item(s) are causing a sale to be back-ordered.

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  • This seems like a really simple fix that would help people a lot!  We had to stop offering our customers backorders, because it's so easy to lose them in Dear.  We made a lot of people mad taking their money and losing their order - so now we just don't offer that service at all.  If Dear could fix this it would stop customers going to our competitors for items we are out of stock on! 

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  • Status changed to: Planned


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  • A simple thing but why, when you click on Backorder, can't a Purchase Order be opened in a a new tab so that backorders don't get forgotten? It should pre-populate with the last supplier details and price - these can always be adjusted manually - and would prevent orders being overlooked or delayed and would mean that the inventory availability screen would more quickly update to show stock on order preventing reordering duplications.

  • New filter for backordered sales has been added to General Sales List view.

  • Hi Marvin

    Can I check the definition of "back ordered" please?  For this feature to be useful my understanding of the filter you've just put in would show sales which are *currently* waiting for a back-ordered item.

    Current behaviour is that any sale which was back-ordered at any part of it's life shows in that filtered list.  So in my case I've got the same sale listed in BOTH back-ordered and ready-to-pick which doesn't make sense.

    For this filter to be useful (for me at least) it should only show sales which are currently back-ordered.

  • Agree with Tristan - it should only bring back sales which have a status of Backordered. Kudos to you for figuring out that it was orders that had been backordered in the past - I thought it was just a strange random list of sales.

  • The logic specifically shows sales that have backordered quantity on one of lines in sale order. Once sale is shipped, backordered quantity will be removed and sale won't appear anymore in the backordered filter.

  • Thanks for the filter, it has made backorders a little more manageable now. 

    Still would be handy to get a list of items on backorder and the related sales?

  • Thanks Marvin.  Shouldn't the logic be that once the back-ordered item arrives into stock that the sale is no longer back-ordered?  

    Or to phrase things differently what I was hoping for is an easily viewed list of sales where an item sold is not currently in stock.

  • That is a completely different filter. Backordered state is persisted in sale until item is picked. You can't change Backordered status as received stock is not directly related to any sale and con only partially cover it. This filter than can be used to find and pick these sales. Also we have that filter in Fulfilment view that allows to filter sales that are ready to be partially or fully picked.

  • For what it is worth, the implementation that was done is what I had originally envisioned.  Thanks!

    There are other ideas that have come up in this thread, such as being able to easily identify what products in an order are causing the order to need to be backordered, but that is something different.

    Thanks DEAR!

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