Returned / Exchanged Products - Restock should be 'Sellable' or 'Not-Sellable'

Restock Option in Credit Note - should be two options instead of just Restock:

'Sellable' - in which case the item would be automatically restocked as per current system. 


'Not-Sellable' - in which case the item would be automatically written off, rather than after bringing the stock item back in and having to go into inventory to either stock adjust or Issue to Production.  

Seems like this option would take away some of the manual handling as not ALL products that come back to you are re-sellable.  

If there is an easier way can someone please let me know!


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  • Get on board people, this idea is the best.

  • If you do an return/exchange and don't restock the item wouldn't it automatically become a write off? I'm sure the transaction is going to adjust sales and cogs but just doesn't adjust the actual product count unless you restock it. I haven't looked into it with detail to say positively but maybe someone can confirm that it works this way.
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