Add carton/item volume and pack quantity to product dimension

Why do companies need item and carton volume?

1. The carton/item volume allows the companies that import stock from overseas to apportionate freight, duty based on volume of the products rather than value. This is particularly important when the products varies greatly in size.

2. Having the volume information also makes is easier to configure the quantity in order to make full container shipment rather than LCL shipments which is very costly.

Where to add the volume and pack quantity details?

The volume and pack quantity details should be added to the product dimension tab as well as purchase order tab.

Some of the definition and useful calculations are shown below

Carton quantity:  This is the quantity of products in the carton box.

Inner quantity:  This is the quantity of products in the inner box

Volume of the item = Volume of the carton/Carton quantity

Line freight cost= Total freight cost/(Total Volume of the shipment/volume of the item)

Please feel free to contact me to discuss the formulas for the calculation of freight at line level.



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  • I agree and something I have asked for as well as it is important information to complete many different tasks

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  • Good to see this request has been planned by DEAR.

    This will make DEAR more suitable for online retailers who import stock from overseas.

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