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Create a standard integration to PowerBI so dashboards and reports can be created on the fly and integrated into other systems

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  • Does anyone from DEAR actually read these feature requests? 

  • I suppose my question is answered by the lack of reaponse
  • Dear DEAR team. Please get in gear and dedicate more resources to attend to the community. Some responses would really help to boost user experience.

    I'd also like to see Power BI implemented. Similar to how Xero and Insightly have "standard packs" which one can then tweek. So much easier than starting from zero.

    How easy is it to to get Dear connected to power BI at the moment? Can you post some instructions on this forum please?  

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  • This would certainly lift the product up. Right now, relying on the reports in the system with no real dashboard capability is limiting

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  • I think this would take alot of load off the Dear Inventory development team.  You not going to make your system do everything everyone wants to do, nor does Dear have the resources for this.  Make it so people can make their own dashboards that are important to them.  No Brainer in my opinion.

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  • Still no response. Obviously
  • Is there any update on this feature request?

  • Dear all

    We plan integrating with power BI. Please let us know what info would like to see in power BI first ?

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  • Bit cheeky to post here, but I'll give it a go.

    A standard integration into (like the Xero integration) is not editable, you can't change the reports, and you can't add more data like targets or other data from your business. Anotherwords, you are limited to what DEAR think you will want. Kind of like the existing reporting basically, just visual.

    A far better way to integrate with PowerBI is via a datalake. Where you can add all your businesses data & create whatever reports you want.

    For more info check out our landing page, we have done some amazing DEAR client work and we literally love DEAR and it's API.

  • Business information and data-driven decision making is core to what GrowthPath does. Therefore, we have been building an advanced connector from Dear to Zoho Analytics, in beta (currently live at 7 sites). After evaluating different BI solutions for SMEs, we went with Zoho. 


    The connector works with multiple Dear instances (in different base currencies) and has some advanced tables that fill in big gaps in Dear's reporting. It sits on a highly performant JSON cache, so the impact on Dear's API is minimised.

     Please contact me via if you would like to know more. I anticipate a full launch around the middle of 2020. 

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  • Have a look at as opposed to connectors -that will require specialists and a lot of work and cost to setup- Acterys provides you with a ready made Power BI template alongside a cloud based SQL data warehouse with all your data from Dear and other sources e.g. xero that's fully customizable.  IT also adds additional write-back, planning and project management functionality normally not available in Power BI via 7 Power BI custom visuals.

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