automated overdue invoice reminder emails

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We currently create all our invoices in Xero then sync across to Dear to manage inventory. Id prefer to use Dear only but we need the Xero invoice reminders feature which is great for alerting customers if their accounts are overdue. This feature only works if invoices are created and emailed from Xero. It also shows an audit trail of when reminders had been sent.

It would be great if Dear could provide this feature as it would save so much time managing overdue accounts and eliminate the need for staff access to Xero.



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  • I have the exact same issue! It's very time consuming emailing an invoice from Dear and then Mark is as sent in Xero. OR creating an invoice in Dear and then emailing it to the customer in Xero. 

    We need 7 days, 14 days and 21 day reminders in Dear ASAP! 

  • Hello!

    This is supported using the Workflow feature in the automation module. Below is an example of how to setup it up.

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4 people like this idea
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