Android and IOS Application to be used for mobile handheld / PDA devices built-in scanner

It will be very useful to develop Android & IOS application for DEAR platform

This application will be very usual for inventory purposes and van sale process such as pick the items from warehouse & load it to truck and off-load to customer store, scan the products & print the invoice / receipt on site (at customer site).

Actually, if the application is available, you will be able to use it on mobile Handheld / PDA devices with built in scanner either on Android or IOS.   

Also, please consider the following features: 

1- Add GPS & Map, by using GPS and map integration into the solution, your delivery drivers can easily find on their mobile device the points of sales on their route.

2- Add digital sign. Customer can sign digitally on PDA/ Handheld mobile scanner screen as a proof of delivery. 

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  • Great Idea, Good Luck ! 

  • The potential in DEAR is there as I have been testing with a linear pro sleeve (which incorporates a barcode scanner) for a couple days and the it can be done but there is a bit of work for they system to work 100% within DEAR as there are still too many manual steps. If there was an mobile app it would also be handy so it can be optimised to work on an iPad or mobile phone

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  • Hi Ahmed,

    With regards to the requirement of: 

    "2- Add digital sign. Customer can sign digitally on PDA/ Handheld mobile scanner screen as a proof of delivery"

    Could you please provide more details of what's required in this requirement? It is not clear how it is needed. i.e. what kind of signatures, what system will you be using, how it should work, when will it be used etc. 

    Best Regards - DEAR Support

  • Hi Heshan,

    Proof of Delivery through the WMS would be very helpful to customers. If they are fulfilling the order through their own trucks or systems, they can have the driver mark the order as fulfilled and ask for a signature form the customer to confirm they received the items required. I am happy to provide more info for you if you want to message.

  • Three thumbs up to this uservoice idea. 

    We are considering DEAR POS for our Van Salesman and would, using a smart phone, like to:

    1) scan product barcodes in using the phone's built in camera,

    2) capture a customer's signature on the phone's face as confirmation they received the goods.

    I would suggest these are commonly desired and reasonably achievable requests for this type of POS situation. 

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