EDI Providers and DEAR Integration - SPS Commerce

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I know DEAR provides a native integration with Crossfire EDI, but the trading partners available through Crossfire are really lacking for US retailers & distributors. We use SPS Commerce as our EDI provider.

I am curious if there are any other DEAR users out there who use SPS Commerce?

If so, how do you handle fulfilling EDI orders - both within the SPS framework and DEAR?

And is there any interest in forming a consortium, of sorts, to work together with DEAR to develop a native integration? I feel if we could garner a critical mass, it would be compelling enough for DEAR & SPS Commerce to desire to work together to form a partnership.

DEAR is a great platform in so many ways, but having an integration with a large US EDI provider would really make it a more compelling solution for medium to larger sized US CPG companies.



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7 people like this idea
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