Create New Assembly (FG) from Sales Order

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For those of us who manufacture our own Finished Goods as orders come in (Just In Time), it would be EXTREMELY helpful to be able to create new finished goods assembly directly from the Sales Order screen for the entire order or by line item.

Currently when a Sales Order comes in (and there are dozens a day), we have to open a different DEAR screen and manually enter each item that needs to have a finished goods assembly.  It is very time consuming.  I'm sure this can help many DEAR customers!

Thank you!

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  • This feature would be extremely helpful in the food manufacturing industry where goods are manufactured fresh, daily, as the orders come in. Very little stock is kept of items at the warehouse.

    Currently the only way around this is to place the goods on backorder, which then shows the quantity needed for any orders in the Allocation column on the Inventory > Products > Availability screen.

    It is frustrating that the assembly still needs to be manually entered which can result in quantity errors and having to flip between two screens. Having the finished goods information come directly from the time of sale would be a great feature and save double-entry for assemblies, and assist kitchen staff with knowing what assembly tasks they have for the day.

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  • Looking for something similar there though not in food service. It would be ideal to have a sales screen which shows each item with a button to assemble each one. Similar to how the products screen allows you to view products grouped by family or as individual variants. A sales screen should show all sales not completed/fulfilled (per existing filters) with the ability to assemble each item as you complete it since we are often working on multiple sales at once and usually do not do sale 1, then sale 2, then sale 3. this would prevent needing to (in your proposal above) open up each sale order. 

    the finished goods process as either totally manual or totally automated doesn't feel like it works for many individuals. 

    Hoping DEAR considers this - though with only a handful of us I sadly suspect not. 

  •  Yes this would be extremely helpful! Please add this to the Roadmap.

    If we could create assemblies directly from the sale order screen based on availability in the sale's location.

    Also, an additional field for Sale Order No. on the Assembly Order + a report that can be run to see what remains to be produced for a particular order.

    That would be awesome!

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4 people like this idea
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