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Many of my clients who have both FBA and FBM struggle to find an effective way to complete the orders. Especially if they also integrate with Shipstation.

We do not want to set integration to auto-ship because we want FBM orders to be completed manually. However we would like to complete FBA orders quickly.

That would be nice to make it possible to auto-ship them.

We are not able to complete them in bulk if Amazon fulfillment services are enabled. If they are disabled we are able to bulk ship those but they are synced to Shipstation. So another way to resolve would be to either make it possible to bulk complete orders without fulfillment for FBA location. Or let us assign something dummy in the 'tracking number' field to prevent orders from being synced to Shipstation.

Basically there should be a way to complete FBA orders in bulk without them creating fulfillment orders or going to Shipstation.

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  • Yes - what Val said!

  • DEAR needs to recognise that AFN (Amazon fulfilment network) and MFN(merchant fulfillment network)  listings can occur in one integration, and leave the MFN orders as unpicked, etc. 


    We use the DEAR Amazon integration for MFN listings, and DEAR FBA integration for AFN orders, ie. you sell on Amazon and Amazon fulfills - this should go through the FBA integration. Currently DEAR sees FBA integration as a dropshipper for external orders from your website, as opposed to fulfilling Amazon orders sold on Amazon. It's missing one of the fundamental parts of the Amazon process - sell on Amazon and use their FBA to fulfill. DEAR & FBA integration should recognise this.

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