Add BOM "Quantity to produce" column to Inventory List import/export

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It would be great to have a way to include the "Quantity to produce" data as part of bulk importing and exporting of data for DEAR.  Please add a column for the BOM "Quantity to produce" value for each product to the Inventory List import/export template.  Thanks!

Do you want this, too?  Make sure you "like" this Feature Request and add a comment.   The DEAR Inventory product team considers which feature requests to implement based, in part, on user interest/demand in this Feature Request forum.

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  • Still would like to get this. I have a client with hundreds of products and needing to open up each separately via the web app UI will be painful.  Add the "Quantity to produce" column to Inventory List import/export would make this infinitely easier.  Thanks!

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  • In additional, I noticed that the export of the BOM will show the component quantities exactly how they are set up in Dear so it doesn't take into account whether those quantities actually make up one of the finished product or a hundred.

    This also means that to prepare the system from a testing stage to a live system where a system will could be completely wiped to remove dummy information, the BOM information cannot be imported back in and will need to be manually added in for those with a quantity to produce greater than one (or at the very least a review of all imported information and manually update the quantity to produce).

  • I also would like to add to this. At the moment having only the qty used field come up is not helpful because there is no way for a client to enter what that produces for the finished component. 

    It makes total sense to export both what is being used and also what qty that yields in the assembly.

  • Hi All,

    Please note that this feature has been implemented in DEAR systems. 

    Thank you!


    DEAR Team

  • Hi Leoni, 

    I have just checked and it is not available field on the export/import for the Assembly BoMs (attached). It would save me a lot of time if this were available! 

    Thank you,

    (3.73 KB)
  • Hey Lauren,

    They have added the update to the Inventory sheet and not the BOM sheet. It's a weird place I know but it is there. It's at the end of the sheet under column BX.

  • Thanks Krystal!

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6 people like this idea
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