Add stock-on-hand synchronization between DEAR and ShipStation

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It is my understanding that when DEAR was first integrated with ShipStation, ShipStation did not have the capability to record inventory counts.  Now that ShipStation does have this capability, it would be great to add stock-on-hand synchronization between DEAR and ShipStation when doing DEAR-ShipStation integration using the API Key+Secret for "ShipStation as Sale order source" so that users can see inventory counts in ShipStation and inventory counts on DEAR will automatically be updated when fulfilling orders through ShipStation.

This is particularly useful for those DEAR users that prefer or need to have all orders go to directly from their ecommerce channel(s) to ShipStation.  The common situations where DEAR users want or need to go directly from their ecommerce channel(s) to ShipStation and then ShipStation to DEAR, include:

1) When they have a sales channel that is integrated with ShipStation but is not integrated with DEAR (e.g., Walmart, Sears).

2) When they need to fulfill each ecommerce order, but do not want the individual ecommerce orders to go their accounting system (QBO/Xero).

3) They are selling using Amazon Seller Fulfillment Prime which requires integration with only approved fulfillment services, of which, ShipStation is one.

While I do not know exactly how this integration would be implemented, it would appear that it is possible to do it as ShipStation states in one of its help topics on inventory management that "we can display inventory counts managed by certain partners".

**Note: If you also want to see this feature implemented, make sure you "like" this Feature Request, and/or add a comment. DEAR Inventory considers which feature requests to implement based, in part, on user interest/demand in this Feature Request forum.**

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  • I would like to add to this feature request that it would be good to have the DEAR-ShipStation stock-on-hand count synchronization allow for synchronization for each individual all DEAR locations.  This would allow ShipStation users to fulfill the order based on whatever works best for that order and available inventory levels.  I would envision this as working similar to there being multiple shops for the eCommerce channels.  When the order is fulfilled, the "pending order" would come to DEAR and debit the inventory from the given location.  I think this fulfillment method would work for FIFO products but would not work for batch or serial products.

  • Agreed - use available data

  • ShipStation team confirmed that currently there is no API to change stock levels in ShipStation and there are no plans to introduce it. Until it is possible, we will not be able to enhance DEAR integration with ShipStation. 

  • Is this still the case? Still no stock level API available from SS?

  • Yes, this is still the case. No way to update stock level in ShipStation via API. You can ask their support if they have any plans on introducing this but last time we asked they specifically confirmed they won't be adding this possibility.

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  • Thanks Marvin
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