Filters on "view all sales"

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It would be highly useful for my company if you could add more filters to the "view all sales" section.

To have the filters available in the reports would be helpful.

Or just a filter that shows - everything not completed, not voided and that DOES have a required by date.


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  • I agree.  We often have hundreds of unfulfilled sales on the screen and the ability to filter them by region or shipping method would help wade through the chaos.

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  • Any update on this feature?  This would be very useful to be able to filter by date.  Would make isolating invoices by date for printing and processing far more efficient.

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  • agree. More useful filters would be great!

  • Specifically: All Sales but VOIDED & COMPLETED

  • We would like to see more filters on the Sales too. Specifically:

    - Filter by required by date

    - Filter by shipping method

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  • Hi All,

    We are happy to announce that this feature has now been developed and available in Production.

    The following 2 filters will be added to the General Sales View: Required By Date, All Sales but Voided & Completed

    Best Regards,

    Heshan - DEAR Systems

  • Would it be possible with the filters to be able to use check boxes to select multiple options? so it would filter sales for example that met multiple criteria (this would be especially helpful to review orders from a fulfillment perspective).

    Would also be helpful for there to be a description for each of the filter options so you know what results the filter returns

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  • It would also be helpful if the screen allowed you to put a date range in for the required by information.  Additionally, the required by filter is currently removed when clicking the Back to List button.  It would be helpful if it stayed in place so that we aren't constantly resetting filters as we move through orders.

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  • We would love filters that could search specific styles within orders e.g. SA1234 search would bring up all orders with items of this kind within them - this way you can bulk push orders through to PICK. 

    This would save alot of time for our company. 

  • Any update on this feature? We require the ability to create custom filters

  • Yes, customs filters for all view modules would be amazing. Ability to create custom filters and save them. At the very least a filter sales by date for example all sales between X date to X date with the selected filter (Invoicing)

  • Any update on this yet?  Currently we use the ALL SALES BUT VOIDED AND COMPLETED as our default view, but it would be much better if this was ALL SALES BUT VOIDED/COMPLETED/INVOICED.  This way we can see just sales that still need to be actioned or fulfilled in some way rather than hundreds of sales that have been fully invoiced, but are awaiting payment.  Please consider this in your next update..

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10 people like this idea
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