• We were looking at potential B2B solutions late last year and noticed that Dear had just launched their own. Seeing as we use Dear for our inventory it seemed like a no brainer to give it a try. 

    It was a bit lacking in features, but looking at their own development road map it seemed like it wouldn't be long before it was at a stage that we could make use of it. 

    A year later and there has been a single update, which came over six months ago. We are still missing really basic features that would actually make this usable for us and future updates don't seem to be coming any time soon and communication from the Dear team has been pretty much zero during this time.

    This has really soured our opinions of Dear Inventory and pretty much means we will soon be cancelling our subscription and moving elsewhere. 

    Simply not good enough!

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    The Portal is a powerful sales tool when used in person as a live catalogue and to place orders on a customers' behalf; to build on this, a new tab in the Portal Settings to assign/allow access per Rep per customer account would be useful.

    (A more basic option would be "master invitations" giving access to all customers portals, but the list upon login would be cumbersome to navigate)

    We currently have our Reps invited to the Portals of all the customers they are responsible for—so the Rep visits the customer when logged into their account, showing the customer their appropriate pricing and allowing the customer to then see the order, as it's placed through the Portal and not a "Simple Order".

    The Portal Setting of Rep access would replace the need to insert each Rep into the contacts of the Customer accounts they are responsible for, send an invitation and have them accept it, and also avoid the below problem:

    Currently, when a Rep is re-assigned, access needs to be revoked to one customer profile—in doing so, this revokes access for the Rep completely across all invitations (ie: the Rep's email address is revoked across all instances and all customers, where revoking should only disable a unique-invitation-identifier linking contact and access rights).

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  • i fully support this request... it is amateurish to be asking your client for a pasword to login to ones own system when wishing to place an order with them! 

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  • Hello Marvin, I hope this post finds you well...

    Following on from my (and others) comments about the lack of progress and acknowledgement of ideas and comments posted here, particularly those immediately before and after your post on the 4th November; it shocks that there has been no comment further from anyone in Dear in regard to the obvious frustrations that I and others are expressing.....

    Are you doing so well that you don't care?  If it were my company receiving comments such as those posted, I for sure would be engaging as quickly as possible to outline how you are going to placate the frustrations.  

    Of course it is not easy, nor inexpensive, nor quick to change, but please don't be presumptive that I or others will decide that they are better served by finding one of your competitors.

    As previously stated, I for one just want to be heard and that this forum is actually valuable to Dear and the way to do that is engage.

    Rant over!  Good product, could be Great!

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  • Exactly. I have posts where I ask if anyone from Dear is actually reading them. No response. Someone senior from DEAR needs to get involved here and indicate the development roadmap and put something in place where there is actually feedback on this forum. It shouldn’t be a big black hole of comments or a place for people to like each other’s ideas.

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  • On the accounting screen (orders) can we please include the customer reference as a column



    Given there are two "switches" that determine if a product appears in the Portal or not; Status (Listed/Not Listed) and "Am I Selling This Product" (Yes/No),

    It would be useful to see these both listed in the Catalog settings for faster reference.

  • Hi All,

    Thank you for the recent suggestions.

    Just want to confirm all suggestions have been reviewed and we will provide some feedback soon on what we will implement and what we will not.

    Thanks for your patience.

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    A Portal settings option to have products that are both "deprecated" and "listed" to still appear on the Portal as "discontinued" (or custom text) as legacy products would be very useful.

    Previous to the Portal, when a product was discontinued, we set the product to "deprecated" to remove it and declutter the available product list,

    While we can still deprecate products, this removes them from the portal and we often have customers wonder where they've gone—and/or still require images and product descriptions, which the Portal is a great tool to share.

    A Portal Settings option for a flag, or custom coloured background/shadow to highlight products that a customer has purchased previously. This would need to be per customer, not per contact (ie: visible for all contacts under that customer profile).

    This would help customers navigate the portal and identify products that they have in their inventory already, to prompt re-ordering and to encourage expansion into other products.


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    A sub-heading on the Portal Product pages that shows a Recommended Retail Price, hidden if the field is left blank, (for other users not needing RRP).

    • Ideally, an "RRP" field could be included in the Product Settings (along with SKU, Brand etc.) — it could be reflected on the Portal as a sub-heading on the Product pages, and also incorporated into Price Lists.
    • If an RRP field is not adopted, then "Short Description" could be reinstated as a sub-heading on the Portal product pages and users can enter RRP as text.

    For Wholesalers using the B2B Portal, quickly communicating the Recommended Retail Price is important.


    The short description field was once appeared on the Portal product page under the heading, next to the image. This should be reinstated.


    A second notes field is required on Product profiles for internal communication on a product, this would not be published on the Portal.

    This can be used to document packing techniques, product faults etc.

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  • How's progress on the promise of a favorites section?

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  • Sadly the Roadmap hasn't been updated in some time, Matthew...

    Hoping that might be the pending update that Mike from DEAR mentioned above—with actual dates.

  • Hi All,


    Please see updated Development Roadmap ! Stage 3 has an ETA 25/12/2017.


    Stage 4 has not been given a date however you can see all the features we will be implementing based on suggestions posted in this forum.


    Please note we have reviewed every suggestion to date thoroughly, and if your suggestion does not appear in stage 3 or 4 of the development cycle we have decided that it will not be implemented and we have no intention to do so in near future. 

    We are also inviting users to a seperate topic regarding built in shipping calculator. Please post your suggestion here

    Thank you

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