Option to Auto-Disassemble at point of sale

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We have a box of 24 singles in stock (not auto-disassembled). Then when a customer wants to buy a single, they can't because the box hasn't been disassembled. But we do have stock to fulfil their order!

We can auto-disassemble upon stock in. That's fine. But when it comes to stocktake, we have to count all the singles, instead of the boxes. Each box/bag has different quantities of singles, so we have to remember how many in each box/bag and add that to the singles to get a total line qty. Crazy.

Please DEAR, it's just an option checkbox (plus a bit of coding) :-)

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  • Hello, please help!

    How do other companies order their stock from suppliers?

    Surely other companies buy a box from their wholesaler and sell the singles within the box as a normal retail process right?

    But with the current 'Auto Disassembly at Stock In', it changes everything to singles, which means there is no stock of boxes, so you cannot do a POrder, as you cannot order singles from your suppliers? Suppliers expect an order of, say 10 boxes, not 240 single units as an order.

    And if you keep everything in boxes, ie. choose not to Auto Disassemble, then if you sell online, and a customer wants 23 singles, but you only have an open box of 20 singles, but 10 boxes behind, it'll say that you have no stock to fulfil the order, but you actually do!?

    How do you all do it??

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