Assembly Production - Batch/Serial Number Creation

Hi Dear Inventory,

When doing New Assembly for Production, I've noticed that Batch/Serial number are created automatically without having sequential Serial Numbers.

EX. Output of Serial number from DI is as follows:

1001-11001-21001-3, ... 1001-10

I'd like to have the option to have serials numbers that I can create as follows:

Starting Serial/Batch number (1001):  1001, 1002, 1003, .. 1010 


Tony Oh

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  • We really need to be able to assign our own serial numbers to an assembly of items! 

    So when an assembly is completed it should ask what the serial numbers are we should be able to fill in with our own serial numbers.


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  • Agree

  • Agreed.  At the end of the assembly, there should be an option to specify the serial number of the items produced.  I envision this as being a General Setting such as "Enable user specification of serial numbers for production".  Then, after hitting the Complete button, a list of items produced would appear as they do for the Receiving of serial items.  Users could then enter the serial numbers through the user interface or the user could use a CSV export/import to specify the serial numbers.  The CSV export/import is important for large production runs of serial items. 


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  • Yes please!

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  • The ability to manually assign serial numbers on completion of multiple quantities for assembly is vital for many of our clients with serialised items. 

    Especially when items as part of a sub-assembly are already serialised, this serial number often is the one referenced when the final assembly is completed.

    Serial numbers may not necessarily be sequential - they may be randomly generated as well.

    For large runs of serialised items, as Stan mentioned above, a CSV bulk import would be a great feature.

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  • Please prioritise this option change.  Our serial numbers are created during the production of our PCBs which are then used during the production of the finished goods.  Our finished goods are produced to order and therefore the current serial numbering process is not suitable for our business.  I would like to request the function of manually specifying the serial number of the items produced at the end of the assembly process.  Thanks for your consideration.

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