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 Wouldn't it be great if DEAR had a notification (ping or pop up) when a new order was placed on DEAR or if it was moved to PACK stage.  We have different people assigned for different tasks, and this would save them having to check the order pool every 20/30mins to print off orders to pick


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  • Much better would be to send the Default Sales Representative for the particular Customer an email when a new B2B order is placed. We now have to assign someone to watch out for notifications, identify the correct sales person and manually call their attention to the new order. Not good and open for errors!

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  • Good day

    Please do something about the B2B notifications for new orders. The current notification is much too obscure and is easy to be missed. A vivid color or flashing symbol would be a big improvement. Surely this is a very simple change to implement?

  • Dear All

    Please check our new Notifications module in order to receive notification on several  key business activities. 

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8 people like this idea
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