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I know we have Capsule, but Salesforce is a way bigger player in the CRM space. We'd like the option to use Salesforce. 

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  •  Just another update hoping 2023 will be the year something like this might happen.

  • What would it cost if a group of us banded together to speed up the development of a Dear -> SalesForce Integration?

    - 1) Send Product Data from Dear to Salesforce (if marked for Salesforce - see the expansion of the concept of which products show in which integrations). When a new Product is created in Dear, it is automatically pushed to Salesforce.

    - 2) Pull SalesForce Orders (or Invoices (with payment if available)) into Dear 

    v2 of Salesforce Integration

    - In Salesforce, push new Customers (possibly from other integrated systems) and Suppliers from Dear.

    - Perhaps a code snippet to manually create a button on a Sales Force contact record to push that customer or supplier into with regards to API

    - Two-way synchronization Product Info: compare the timestamps in Salesforce and Dear For "Last Updated," and if they differ, replace the older entry in either system with the more recent entry from the other system.

    - When a payment is applied to an open Invoice in Dear, push that payment to mark the Invoice as Paid in Salesforce.

  •  +1 for this.

    It's making us consider alternatives to Dear systems for the missing integration and we currently have 5 Dear systems.

  • Is there any update for implementing Salesforce integration.  It is the #1 CRM in North America.

  • Asking again if there is an update on this dead topic.

    Salesforce is the biggest player in the CRM market.

  • Any update on this one? 

  • Do we have a process to integrate salesforce opportunity line items with Dearsysyems.

  • Well customers should map to accounts, contacts to contacts, products to products, sales orders/invoices to opportunities.  The tricky thing is that the various components need to be upserted in a particular order and this is where we have had to use creative thinking in getting orders from (eg) Magento to Salesforce using Zapier.  If you need help, I have a brilliant SF developer I can put you in contact with.

  • Hi All

    We are considering integration with Salesforce via Zapier. Salesforce has contacts, leads and opportunities. How would you think we should map our products, customers and sales/invoices to salesforce objects ?

    Any ideas are welcome


    DEAR Team

  • Please let us know about the Salesforce integration.  Thanks.  

  • Salesforce integration would be a valuable addition, can a DEAR team member please indicate the development intentions?

  • We are currently using Lightspeed ( and Accumula converter ( to link to Salesforce.

    I would bring Dear immediately into my business if there was a salesforce integration.

    This needs to happen!

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  • + Anyone already using salesforce here ?

    + Anyone working on an integration with the API ?

    It would be great...Please

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  • +1 for an integration... seems something pretty complex to do... I mean not a 2 or 3 weeks work...

    + Anyone already using salesforce here ?

    + Anyone working on an integration with the API ?


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  • Any update on this as I too would like to push data into Salesforce  (open and closed sales).

    Has anyone done any API work on this?

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