Add Service Items with Quantity and Price to Additional Items in PO

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We have to send POs to our contract packers for productive labour which is accounted for during the production of items.

On the Additional items section on a PO, you can only add the item and the cost, not a detailed quantity and item cost.

We have the productive labour set up as service items, so it would be a great feature to be able to add service items with quantities to POs to give us true PO functionality.

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  • Agree, we have a few clients who would love this who send PO's with a 'price per'

  • I agree, it would be fantastic to have this in orders

  • This is a major pain point that prevents us from managing production costs with our suppliers. For example, we have many products we manufacture in house that we send out to be powder coated by any of several suppliers. We negotiate a price per product for each item  with our suppliers yet we are unable to use DEAR record this price and cannot monitor what the supplier charges us. It is therefore not possible to control costs as the unit price charge can't be reconciled with prior agreements. 

    DEAR's weakness in this area is costing us money as we lack control over sub-contractor's pricing as we can't review historical costs as we can with inventory items. In the inventory we recently identified one laser cut component had been overcharged by about 30% for nearly 12 months after the supplier made one mistake that he carried through on new jobs. DEAR gave us the data to request a credit.  In the services area, we just don't have the equivalent data to monitor charges and we end up with a friction point with our suppliers.

    Surely there are many other users that could also benefit from improvements in service pricing on purchase orders

    Please DEAR, do something about this...

  • Hi All,

    As always thank you for your suggestions. We introduced quantities for Additional Costs in Purchase module and Additional Charges section Sale module. Additional Charges section was added to Sale Order screen also.

    If you have any questions or would like to discuss further please do not hesitate to get in touch with

    Thank you

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  • Its great you've done some work on this but you will also need to update all of the default document templates to print the new columns. eg. I just reset my quote template to the default but it is not showing quantity and price.

  • Thank you for your response Rob. Since the quantities in Additional Charges are not a requirement for all accounts the fields have not been added to standard templates. If you need some help getting the extra columns in the templates please forward to and the template team will gladly help you out.

  • Why do the additional charges not allow you to add items from the Inventroy catalogue?
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