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When you generate an order from a quote, you need to add a new order date (to maintain the quote date, and track how long it did take to close). Right now, you can only change the original date (which makes you loose the quote date). Thi swill be something similar to creating a Ship doc, with a ship date. 

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  • Totally agree, these dates need to be differentiated.

  • I agree! Please can we have this. 

  • PLEASE MAKE THIS A PRIORITY. As a manufacturer, this is causing major issues in our allocation of production orders... see below for explanation:

    When we create a quote, it sets the date that it was created (that's fine).

    But....if we convert the quote to a sales order a month later, the date on the sales order is the same date as the original quote. 

    We cannot have this happen because then it goes into production for the original quote date (a month before) and then our production team see it as an overdue order and it throws out the whole supply chain order.

  • From a Sales perspective there are some key dates that need to be tracked and able to report on.

    At a minimum the key dates:

    • Quotation Date
    • Quote Approval (Customer Order Date)
    • Invoicing Date
    • Shipment Date

    At this stage the Quote Approval (Order) date is not recorded and availabe for reporting.

    Any business with a Sales should be analysing their activity against targets.  The Quote Date is a prospect, Order Date converts a prospect into Backlog, Shipped and Invoiced.

    Can development review this as the date is recorded in the system but cannot be reported on.


  • Fully Agree - when you quote a customer and then it's some time (say a month) before they come back to confirm the order.  The order is then dated when it was quoted, not when the quote was approved/became an order!   It then looks like we have taken ages to supply!  Order date should be added when the order is confirmed and as others point out the quote date shouldn't be lost too.

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