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The product screen is one of the key screens in DEAR. Is there any way that I can see on the product page what family that product is linked to. It would be good to have this functionality.

The feedback I have from clients is that they want to be able to see the Qty on Hand, Qty Avaliable, On Order and Allocated on that same product page.

Can you please consider this when planning future enhancements.

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  • I would also very much like to see Product Family info on the product page with a link to the Product Family the product is a part of.

    It would be very helpful to be able to go back and forth between Products and Product Families as you configure your products.



  • FAMILY is a very useful and basic feature. The FAMILY field is available in many of your reports (inventory and sales), but it's not easy to assign and to know to what family the SKU is assigned. The only way I have found to visualize or charge the family a SKU is to export the SKU dbf, make changes in here and re-inport. Suggestions 1) make it possible to visualize the family inside the product main screen 2) be able to see availability of agtegate Family of SKU (at hand and allocated)
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5 people like this idea
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