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Can the field ‘ Required By date’ on the Sales order be made editable till the order is completed? We have to constantly change this date till the order is delivered and to do that we have to undo the full order which is quite painful.

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  • This feature is also something a client of mine is desperate for! The lead time for stock purchased often changes and the delivery date pushed back impacting on the required by date of the sales order. 

  • This feature is definitely needed for us. Like others, our lead times change all the time and we need to be able to change it without having to undo the order. Worse still if there are payments attached to the invoice in Xero, I then need to remove the payment in Xero to be able to sync the order again. 

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  • The ability to make the 'Required By date' field on a Sales order editable until the order is completed would depend on the specific software or system you are using for managing your sales ovo game orders. In many systems, the 'Required By date' field may be locked or unchangeable once the order is processed or confirmed to maintain data integrity and ensure accurate planning and fulfillment.

  • Another one of my customers really needs this function. Stock ordered on lead time often has its delivery date pushed back, which can have an effect on a sales order's required by date. redactle unlimited

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5 people like this idea
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