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We have no way of knowing if the emails sent out of dear are being delivered to the recipient or not. Is there a spot in dear where we can check all the emails that have bounced back? Or can we be notified of the same?

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  • Are you also having a problem with emails from dear going automatically to Junk Mail.  This is a problem we have been experiencing for 2 weeks

  • I am not sure whether they are going to junk or even getting delivered?

  • Well I would suggest you might look in your junk mail.  This has been happeniong to us for 2 weeks with no solution from DEar Support

  • We are also experiencing all emails generated from Dear going to the Junk mail folder of our customers. It has been happening for the last few months..

  • DEAR didn't solve it for us.  We had to whitelist all DEAR mail servers on our mail server.  Because when the emails are sent from DEAR it says its from one email address but its actually from a different one.

  • thanks for your help John I am guessing thats what we will need to do.



  • Hi All,

    We recently introduced a new general setting in DEAR which allows to send emails from DEAR as a sender but with your company name. This should prevent email from being considered spam/junk. Please change this setting and see if it helps:

    DEAR Support

  • Simon,  I had a look at this but I don't understand  as to the difference between "Currently Logged in User"  as we have it currently and the new "Currently Logged in User [sent from DEAR]".

    1. Can you explain the difference between these two options please because I presume all emails generated in DEAR e.g. email an invoice come from DEAR so wjy do you need to differentiate

    2. Did you change that in response to our issue a few months back where all Dear generated emails were going to our organisation were ending up in the Junk box.


  •  ticket # 13161 was about our problem with the emails going to Junk

  • I think the best way to improve this is to use DKIM and set your DNS records accordingly authorising the DEAR email system to act on your behalf. 

    Mailchimp has a good description of this method (but you have to be logged in to read their help pages). Implementing their DKIM system made a significant improvement in deliverability for me.

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